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Attitudes towards markers are contradictory. And in the brotherhood of players, the spread of the characteristics of the markers is so wide that you simply marvel at how one and the same person can simultaneously evoke both fierce, frenzied hatred and reverence close to the worship of Cthulhu. Markers who hate that they think that the task of the marker is to do so, to suck more in especially neglected cases among the suckers there is an opinion that the marker is “fixed” to a certain player and receives a percentage of the amount that the sucker has drained.

Those who believe that the marker “knows everything” are reverent to the markers – on what machine they merged, on which they were removed. Any online slots UK player considers it honorable to make friends with as many markers as possible.

This is checked by a kosher method: if a marker approached you and started whispering mysteriously about the need to sit down for such a machine, ask him why he does not play it himself. Marker will answer – they say, he cannot play online slots UK. Then immediately offer him, since he “knows”, to play on it “from half”.


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Theoretically, the guard must guard the order in the hall. Almost never help the player (well, if not interfere). Theoretically, they should escort with a large sum (and for FREE), practically evade.


There is a secret written set of rules for directors, which regulates the entire order of the slot machine operation. Here are some of them:

  1. Windows and clock. In any room there are no windows and watches, so that the loh forgot and lost the sense of time and the change of the day. All personnel are not allowed to have a watch, and for all questions about time markers are required to answer “I do not know.” So if you go into the hall, carry the watch with you. Take them away from you, in order to deprive you of the opportunity to follow the times; still no one has the right.
  2. The main myth: the owner deliberately “twists” the machine guns, that is, he makes an extremely small percentage of the return, or generally zero. The community of online slots UK players is sharply socialized, the master knows it, and the players know that the master knows this. If a certain nizchebrod, having thrust 100 gets 10,000 for several blows, this rumor will immediately spread all over the district. As a result, the next day in the institution there will be at least 10 suckers-lucky friends. Therefore, the owner does not make sense to “twist” the machines and work to the detriment of himself.

New salons are always on issue. They are deliberately unwound. The smart director needs to do advertising, the above is said as. It does not matter that in the first days it will be in a big loss. The total rumor among the cavers with head will cover these losses. The period of promotion lasts a little, a couple of days, a maximum of a week. A year-old player always follows the news about the opening of new salons.